Enjoy this fanmade Mario Maker clone on PC while it lasts

Probably not long for this world

Anyone want to take bets on how quickly the cease and desist orders will come in for this one? Super Mario ReMaker is a fanmade effort to bring the delight of Super Mario Maker to PC fans. While still very much a work in process, you can download a demo of it now if you want to try it out for yourself. It’s a little janky and rough around the edges, but so far it’s shaping up to be a decent facsimile of the best game Nintendo has made in years.

Of course, the ambitious creator behind ReMaker wants to do more than just imitate. The goal of ReMaker is to eventually correct the flaws of Super Mario Maker and reintroduce some notable omissions in the game such as a browsable level search system and slopes. That is, if Nintendo lets the project live that long. Despite a nice disclaimer on the starting screen for ReMaker encouraging fans to buy a copy of Super Mario Maker to show their support, it’s hard to imagine Nintendo won’t unleash the lawyers on this project sooner or later. My bet is on “sooner.”

Someone’s Building Mario Maker For PC [Kotaku]

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