Enjoy some multiplayer action in Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is out on September 14 and unless you’ve been lucky enough to find retailers selling the game early, the wait is KILLING YOU. It doesn’t help that the review embargo was lifted last night and there’s a ton of Halo: Reach content floating all around.

So to help with the pain of waiting, I’ve captured and uploaded a ton of video from Halo: Reach. All of these videos are from my first time playing most of the gametypes and maps, hence why you’ll see me moving around cautiously a lot.

Above is Juggernaut. One guy is super strong and everyone else has to try and kill the Juggernaut. My favorite kill of all that I captured is in this video, the second to last kill. We both jump off from the walkway accidentally in my favor.

Check out Classic Slayer, Headhunter, Oddball, Invasion Slayer and One Flag below.

Classic Slayer


Invasion Slayer

One Flag


The Classic Slayer match just didn’t feel right to me. Armor Abilities are so part of the experience now that not playing with at least one Ability is just plain weird.

Check back later today for more multiplayer footage plus some Firefight goodness too.

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