Enhanced Persona 5 release rumoured after Atlus update domain

Is ‘Persona 5 R’ on the horizon?

Yesterday, publisher Atlus updated one of its domains pertaining to billion-hour RPG Persona 5, leading some fans to believe a revamped edition of the Palace-hopping game is to be announced soon. The discovery was made by dedicated website Persona Central.

“P5R.JP” was first discovered in April of this year, but yesterday the domain was moved from its status as a landing page to Atlus’ named servers, this is a similar modus operandi to the previous reveals of titles such as Persona Q2, Catherine: Full Body and the Persona Dancing titles, all of which were updated a fortnight before their official announcements.

Of course, none of this is confirmed proof of anything, but given previous entries Persona 3 and Persona 4 received alternate editions in FES, Portable and Golden, it stands to reason that a Persona 5 update is something that we should all see coming.

Possible Persona 5 R announcement imminent [Persona Central]

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