Energizer and Harmonix offering free DLC with battery purchases

A Harmonix developer going by the screen name “HMXHenry” told fans on the official Rock Band forums that Energizer and Harmonix have teamed up to give out free DLC for Rock Band. The content is being given out in packages of Energizer’s Advanced Lithium batteries. No word if they’re specially marked or not, but it’s probably safe to assume the packaging will say something about the offer.

From the post:

I thought you RB.com forum regulars may be interested to know that the fine folks at Energizer have decided to give away DLC with their new Advanced Lithium Batteries.

This deal applies to both XBox Live and the Playstation Store, so if you’re in need of new batteries and some new DLC then this should work out nicely for everyone.

HMXHenry added that people could buy batteries at most “major electronic retailers,” which means places like Wal-Mart or Circuit City. The Energizer batteries relevant to your DLC interests should be sitting comfortable on store shelves with the other more affordable and equally reliable batteries.

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