End of Eternity revealed as tri-Ace/Sega collaboration

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I’m sick and tired of teaser sites, so it gives me unsettling amounts of pleasure to see a teaser site’s surprise get spoiled, as has happened once again with End of Eternity. Famitsu magazine has spilled the beans, revealing an online countdown to be leading to this new RPG.

The most interesting thing about End of Eternity is that it marks the first time tri-Ace has worked with a publisher other than Square Enix, as the dubious RPG studio will instead be working with Sega this time around. End of Eternity is a futuristic RPG that favors guns over swords and has been compared to Parasite Eve

It takes place in a machine city called Burzel, whose citizens all follow the same monotheistic religion. The only other thing we know is that players will have to leave Burzel and face the mysteries of the outside world. It is currently slated for a Winter release in Japan and is scheduled for the Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Personally, I am yet to be impressed by anything tri-Ace has done. I’ll give this a chance, but if I see the same squeaky-voiced JRPG cliché nonsense that turns everything tri-Ace does into the same annoying game, I’m outta there.

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