Empoleon is the latest member of the PT crew


So he’s finally here, performing for you,

Empoleon in Pokken Tournament, yes the leaks were true,

Put your hands together, if you want to clap,

But only for arcades, which is kind of crap.

Yep, on December 15, Empoleon is crashing into Pokken in Japanese arcades. As always, there’s no talk of the well-received and high-selling Wii U version. It’s crazy given all of the Pokemon love this year that there isn’t a major expansion being announced — again, will we see a Switch definitive edition?

Will we see basically every major Wii game get remixed and re-released (Splatoon and Mario Kart are already a go, and Smash is rumored). Find out in 2017, when Nintendo tells us basically anything about the Switch.

Pokken Tournament [Twitter]

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