Empire: Total War brought down to $24.99 on Steam

You know, it would take nothing short of a videogame to get me interesting in the happenings of the 18th century, but I … wait, The Creative Assembly already made that game? It’s called Empire: Total War, and it is 50% off on Steam this weekend? Hot damn! Violence and learning, my favorite combination.

Yep, that’s $24.99 for Empire: Total War to be teleported to your personal computing device of choice, and $34.99 for Empire: Total War Special Forces Edition. The majority of the time I allotted for writing this post was spent turning myself into Optimus Prime, but I did learn one useful tidbit.

Namely, a hefty patch for the game is due out on Monday, which probably explains the timing of the sale. I’ve heard from a number of people that Empire launched with a considerable amount of problems, but that was what, back in early March?

Jordan Devore
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