Emo rock star elves and gothic witches come to life on the DS in Doodle Hex

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Doodles. Hexes. Just another day in the life of your average emo rock star elf.

Tragnarion Studios has announced Doodle Hex for the Nintendo DS, a game where “Doodlers” compete head-to-head by drawing runes onto the handhelds touch screen. In real time, power spells are created to inflict damage to their opponent, doing things like shaking their screen or, better yet, turning them into frogs. 

Players can compete in tournaments or complete puzzle challenges to unlock spells and runes, which can be used to create a custom spell book. With over 200+ runes to collect and swap over Wi-fi, gamers can expect to possibly play the game for more than ten minutes. 

The game features comic book style artwork, including what Tragnarion are calling “some of the coolest characters yet seen in a DS game.” That’s up for debate: Strat, an Emo Rock star Elf and Fey, a Goth Witch sound like decent Hot Topic cashiers, I’m sure — but “coolest characters yet seen in a DS game”? We’ll find out soon enough — the game makes its debut at Leipzig Game Convention, and should ship to stores Q1 2008.

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