Eminence: In White Knight Chronicles 2, Mitsuda hint

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The totally badass game-focused, Sydney-based orchestra known as the Eminence Symphony Orchestra is one to watch. They do everything that sounds good in videogames. Oh, and also amazing concerts. You might have heard their lovely performances in games like Valkyria Chronicles, Odin Sphere, Diablo III, Soulcalibur IV and many more.

There’s a couple of news items that popped up on their Facebook wall recently that I wanted to point out. One that popped up yesterday says that the Eminence Symphonic Choir is featured in the ending them of White Knight Chronicles 2. That’s definitely something to look forward to. I’m expecting something epic.

The other news bit is a hint they dropped late last night. They say that they have an announcement that’s coming up later this month. One of the hints is the name “Yasunori Mitsuda,” as in the composer of Chrono Trigger/Cross, Xenogears, and many other amazing scores. Could they be working together? The best game orchestra and my favorite composer? Wouldn’t that be epic?

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