Embracer Group announces formation of new games preservation archive

embracer games archive preservation

Over 50,000 items already vaulted

Embracer Group, the holding company that plays host to THQ Nordic, Gearbox Entertainment, and, most recently, Eidos Montreal, has announced the formation of a new games preservation archive that hopes to curate the world’s largest collection of video games, consoles, computers, and related chicanery.

The Embracer Games Archive, which is housed in the company headquarters in Karlstad, Sweden, already boasts a collection of over 50,000 software and hardware items, from the oldest of video game releases to the most modern console platforms. A team of archivists, engineers, and researchers has been assigned to source, grow, and ensure the safekeeping of the archive’s contents.

While there are currently no plans to open the archive as a public viewing gallery, Embracer Group plans to allow access to researchers and academics as a record of the artistic, technological, and design history of our favorite pastime. In time, Embracer may make the archive available for public perusal in the form of satellite exhibitions, but for now, it appears that the team is concentrating on the sourcing and collecting of items to further expand upon its impressive catalog.

In an increasingly digital world, any form of games preservation is becoming increasingly important, and while it’s just as essential that private collectors the world over continue to gather relics from gaming’s 50-year history, Embracer Group has the finance and resources to locate, purchase, curate, and maintain the condition of an artistic and innovate history often overlooked by mainstream museums.

You can read more about the Embracer Games Archive over on its official website.

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