Elusive Day of Sigma OVA might be included in upcoming Mega Man X Legacy Collection

The 24-minute video isn’t included in collections or games often

For years fans have been enjoying the full-blown Mega Mani OVA “The Day of Sigma,” a 24-minute feature that sets the stage for the Mega Man X series. It isn’t distributed all that often from Capcom, but that might change based on a BBFC classification that contends that the Mega Man X Legacy Collection (either its single or dual release, we’re not sure) will include it.

Right there in the listing, which includes a rundown of the extras menu (and mostly consists of various trailers for Mega Man X-X8), is Day of Sigma in all of its 24 and a half minute glory. Now you have a choice: you can either wait for the X Legacy Collection to maybe include it, or just watch it below on YouTube, where it’s been available for the last five years by way of its inclusion in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

When I said “elusive” I mean that in the official sense!

Mega Man X Legacy Collection [BBFC via Rockman Corner]

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