Ellie’s acoustic guitar will set you back $2,300

While your wallet gently weeps

In The Last of Us Part II‘s quieter moments, you might find Ellie strumming her acoustic guitar. As it turns out, Ellie has either extremely expensive tastes in six-strings or she has a lot of disposable income.

Sony is selling a replica Last of Us Part II guitar for $2,300. It’s a Taylor model 314ce with a tobacco sunburst finish. There’s a moth inlay that pays tribute to the tattoo on Ellie’s arm.

If that sort of dough is a little more than your piggybank holds, you can just settle for playing the guitar in-game. It’s a neat approximation that is free-flowing enough to hold endless possibilities. But, art imitates life, which means you’re just going to play “Wonderwall” like you did all those years ago on the quad at college.

The Last of Us Part II Replica Taylor 314ce Guitar [PlayStation Gear via Eurogamer]

Brett Makedonski
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