Eliza Dushku talks about a potential WET movie

Eliza Dushku sat down with MTV News to discuss important celebrity things and got to talking about her recent role as Rubi in A2M’s WET. The actress teases about a potential “live-action Dushku vehicle” where we could see Eliza play Rubi on the big screen. This interview also revealed that Eliza likes to talk about herself in the third-person.

Would any of you be interested in seeing a live-action adaptation of WET? Movies based on videogames tend to be garbage, but WET seems like it would lend itself nicely to the big screen.

Also, I would totally ride in the Dushku vehicle. I’d take her for a spin. I’d wash her vehicle at my special car wash. I’d have sex with her is what I’m getting at here. 

Hamza Aziz