Elite Beat Agents is hard, people are pussies.

Kotaku has a story about one man’s completely lame rant about Elite Beat Agents.

The whole thing is a tale about how this guy sucked so hard at EBA that he smashed his DS Lite. What kind of demented loser actually has such issues controlling himself that he smashes a game system because he, himself, sucks? I bet they are the same kind who go on to murder dozens of women simply because they are unnattractive and smell like cat pee.

Yes, people, it is a difficult game, and if you suck at it, you should probably stick to things like PlayStation 2 games, and let those of us who grew up on Contra (sans Konami code) game in peace.

My dear readers, do you ever get so bitchcakes that you smash valuable electronics to compensate for your lack of ability? 

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