Elite Beat Agents creator wants to see the series live again, possibly on the NX

Sounds good to me

Elite Beat Agents (and its Japan-only predecessor, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan) is a staple Nintendo DS game. If you ask any DS fan, odds are they’ll remember it, and remember it fondly. Sadly the series has been stagnant for years, but series creator Keiichi Yano is keen on bringing it back.

Speaking to Polygon, Yano notes that he has a “great relationship” with Nintendo, and that “there will be a right time” to bring this franchise back. He hints that “the platform will dictate those kind of things,” and that “hopefully” the next platform [the NX]” will allow that opportunity.

Considering the difficulty we have getting Rhythm Heaven games in the west, a relatively successful franchise, I wouldn’t get too excited — but if the creator is this passionate about it, it’s possible we may see something, even a downloadable experience at some point.

Chris Carter
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