Eledees DS screens and artwork: The sinister little freaks are back

Eledees (or Elebits, depending on where you come from) wasn’t a bad little Wii game, in that “oh God these little things are going to murder me” way. Now they’re coming to the Nintendo DS so they can haunt me on the bus, with The Adventures of Kai and Zero. It looks like the series is taking a more RPG-esque route on the DS, ignoring the first person zappery of the Wii version.

We have some screens and a few pieces of artwork for you. Nothing that’ll make your balls swell with delight, but worth a gander. The original game was an overlooked piece of simple fun, so I’ll keep one eye on this … and another on my back to make sure none of those wretched little sods hit me with a sneak attack.

Jim Sterling