Electronic Arts promises us Sim 3 vampires, doesn’t deliver, makes us sad

So Electronic Arts recently held a Sims 3 “Creator Camp” at their EA Redwood Shores campus, giving players the opportunity to design their own content using the game’s deep custom content creator. 

EA then decided to send us a press release today titled, “Palaces, Vampire Sims, Movies and More Created at first ever THE SIMS 3 content creator camp.” The problem? Of all the screens they sent us, there isn’t a single vampire represented among them.

Palaces? Yes. A witch? You betcha. But a blood-sucking creature of the night? Nowhere to be seen. 

I’m a warm-blooded American male who’s not afraid to say that I’m really looking forward to The Sims 3. But this vampire-teasing is not the way to my heart, EA. Please don’t pull this kind of stunt again.

Nick Chester