Electrocute Ewoks in Force Unleashed II DLC

LucasArts has confirmed upcoming downloadable content for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II by way of IGN.

The content will take place on Endor, set during the time frame of Return of the Jedi. It’s part of what LucasArts is calling the “infinite storyline,” where “what if?” scenarios that wouldn’t necessarily jive with Star Wars canon are played out.

“To be honest, we just thought it was a really cool avenue to explore,” says Executive Producer Gio Corsi of the content. “Take this bad ass Jedi, make him a true Sith and throw him into an established adventure and watch the sparks fly. It’s going to be epic!”

Corsi confirms Ewoks, as well, many of which are electrocuted in the screenshots for the upcoming content. Who doesn’t love the smell of burning Ewok fur in the morning?

No word on release date outside of it hitting before year’s end, and price is a mystery as well. Put at least one dollar to the side, though — IGN also confirms that an upcoming character skin pack will be available for $1.

Starkiller’s Adventure Continues in Force Unleashed 2 DLC [IGN]

Nick Chester