Elder Scrolls V will use a new engine

Take a look around the internet and see what the biggest complaint about Bethesda’s games are. It’s that damn engine they’re all built on. Even people who would sacrafice their first born child in order to defend the honor of an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game readily admit that Gamebyro engine had its issues. Thankfully, Nick Breckon, community manager at Bethesda, confirmed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is running on a brand new engine.

Breckon tweeted, “We can now confirm that the TES V: Skyrim engine is all-new. And it looks fantastic.”

I’m pretty sure this is good news to all reading right now. Actually, I’d like to find out if that statement is true. Is anyone, anywhere sad to see the Gamebyro engine go away?

Matthew Razak