Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: NPCs, Creation Engine, MAMMOTHS!

The latest details for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been unearthed, along with a single solitary screenshot that doesn’t belong to Game Informer. The latest details expand somewhat upon the what’s already known, and they’re all pretty cool!

  • New engine is called the Creation Engine, and a major focus has been a huge draw distance. Images shown of NPC characters reveal characters that are no longer creepy and weird, but almost presentable. 
  • Swinging your weapon near characters, knocking stuff off tables, or stealing items will not just generate a stock reaction from NPCs. They will instead react to you with a hostility determined by your past interactions with them. So, somebody who likes you won’t try to kill you because you stabbed their favorite plate. 
  • An example of a random mission is an assassination mission. In Skyrim, the game will use different assassination targets based on player location, what you’ve done and who you’ve met. Bethesda calls this “conditionalizing.”
  • Random encounters are similar to those in Red Dead Redemption. You might save a priest who will point you in the direction of a randomly generated dungeon, or find a MAMMOTH being attacked by a pack of wolves. Yes … a MAMMOTH!

I want this now. All of the time. Bethesda literally cannot develop this fast enough.

New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details [Ripten]

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