Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall now available for download

Bethesda Softworks is celebrating the fifteen-year anniversary of the Elder Scrolls franchise in a delicious way: starting today the second title in the Elder Scrolls series (subtitled “Daggerfall”) is available as a free download through the studios’ Web site. Yep. This isn’t an illegal download from a garbage abandonware site. This is the real thing in all its dated and buggy glory.

As Bethesda notes on their development blog, this sort of fan service isn’t exactly new. Five years ago, the studio released Elder Scrolls: Arena in much this same fashion. (Do we get Morrowind in 2014?) Also noted is that in order to run Daggerfall, you’ll need to use a program like DOSBox. It’s a tricky bit of software, but a Bethesda QA is making our lives a lot easier: He’s created a walkthrough for the process.

So, Daggerfall: are you guys going to give this a spin?

[Thanks, King3vbo and wheeliedude]

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