*Sound the alarm*: Elden Ring has a Steam page

A veiled creature in Elden Ring

More crumbs for the Elden Ring obsessed

A known-about game getting a Steam page feels like the sort of headline we’d run in 2007, but screw it — it’s Elden Ring. We’re allowed to be excited, and I genuinely am.

Heck, Steam even tweeted about it this afternoon.

The store listing covers info you probably already know about — you’re a Tarnished one who must set out to explore the vast Lands Between on your magical steed, with spells to learn, challenging combat to master, and “huge” dungeons to delve into.

I will say, I hadn’t come across a few of these screenshots before, including the stormy swordfight, the crystal cave, and the veiled whatever-that-is. I uploaded the latter screenshot to our CMS as “Elden-Ring-whos-that-lady-screenshot.jpg.”

Exploring a torch-lit crystal cave

Otherwise, yep, there are “Online PvP” and “Online Co-op” features in Elden Ring, which is worth reiterating. Here’s the exact wording: “In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.”

Best of all, the previously mentioned January 21, 2022 release date is still on track. I am absolutely prepared for the possibility that the launch could slip, and I’ll be okay with it. That said, until I hear otherwise, I’ll be planning on some sleepless January nights.

As a member of the Elden Ring subreddit put it, “I don’t know why but this made my day.”

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