Streamer MissMikkaa defeets Elden Ring Malenia using a dance mat

elden ring malenia dance mat pad missmikkaa

Steps of Glory

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The mighty Malenia, Blade of Miquella has fallen to a dedicated Elden Ring player once again — And while this is a meaty enough task and something of an achievement in itself, extra glory belongs to streamer and cosplay model MissMikkaa for striding into battle armed with… a dance mat.

Yes, you read that correctly, MissMikka, with a level one player character no less, toppled the iconic guardian of The Lands Between with the aid of a flimsy plastic mat and some jet-black volleyball socks. This incredible feat is the latest hurdle MissMikka has surmounted in her endeavor to battle their way through the FromSoft RPG with all manner of control-based disadvantages. (Previously, MissMikkaa had won plaudits for completing Elden Ring while playing with just one hand).

Of course, this was hardly a spontaneous, lazy afternoon affair, with MissMikkaa racking up a total of 553 attempts, which totals somewhere in the region of 15 hours of playtime, all spent just battling this one single boss character. Like so many of these unbelievable self-set streamer challenges, it has taken dedication, patience, practice, and knees that won’t fall off at a moment’s notice, (like mine), in order for MissMikkaa to step up to the plate. Literally. When you add into the mix that they were also hosting a stream and speaking to the viewers while the battle raged on — That’s some multitasking.

Kudos to The Lands Between Dance Mat Champion… Now maybe go and give your ankles a rest.

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation and PC.

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