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Elden Ring is getting some quality-of-life additions and new hairstyles before Shadow of the Erdtree release

But she's got new hair!

Over on Elden Ring’s official Twitter account, we got a preview of a patch hitting next Thursday, June 20, just before the release of the much-anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This patch isn’t anything too groundbreaking, but it does have a few welcome quality-of-life additions, and some new hairstyles for the helmet-eschewing reader.

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Newly obtained item changes

The first change shown off is the addition of markers that alert you to newly-acquired items. Even better, a new “Recent Items” tab will be added to the inventory as well. This will be particularly helpful as your journey goes along, as you won’t be drudging through your entire inventory to read what could be some fascinating lore.

Image via Elden Ring Twitter.

Summoning Sign Changes

Summoning Pools, those little effigies you can activate to be called into battle at varying locations are now going to stay active as you journey into NG+. Not only that, but you can disable certain summoning pools straight from your map to better customize the zones you’d like to be summoned to when using the Small Golden Effigy.

New Hairstyles

Last but certainly not least are the 5 new hairstyles coming to the game. These can be selected on an existing character by using the Clouded Mirror in the Roundtable Hold, by choosing Rebirth at Rennala using a Larval Tear, or on a brand new character. Looking at the selection below, I couldn’t personally tell you which ones are new, but hopefully one sticks out to you personally.

As we near Shadow of the Erdtree, make sure you’ve prepped accordingly. If you need help beating Mohg, Lord of Blood, we’ve got you covered.

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