You can climb Elden Ring’s big swamp tree if you’re persistent

You can climb the big Swamp of Aeonia tree in Caelid in Elden Ring

Hoof it to Caelid and pray

See that giant rotten tree in the Swamp of Aeonia? It turns out that you can scale it. As one player recently demonstrated, climbing the big tree in Caelid is a matter of confidence, persistence, and patience, which sums up the entire Elden Ring experience.

Getting on top of open-world scenery can be a lot of fun, especially when it feels like you’re not necessarily meant to be there. That goes for so many games, and it definitely goes for Elden Ring, too — Torrent’s agility really lends itself to daring leaps of faith.

I have ascended Mt. Aeonia (huge caelid tree) from Eldenring

If you try to recreate this ascent, you might find flarebearrr‘s message — “behold, skill!” — at the top of the tree. That said, after the clip was shared around, I’m sure there’s a whole conversation’s worth of messages up there. I try not to dwell in this cursed land.

More than just a mildly interesting clip, the thread also taught me something new about Elden Ring, as is the way with this open-book community of clip sharers and trivia knowers. As pointed out by Wandring64, “You can use the binoculars while mounted to face in any direction without risking moving. I hope someone finds this helpful.”

I’d love a Hero’s Path recap in Elden Ring

Bigger picture, imagine if Elden Ring tracked your footsteps, and at the end of your journey, the game presented a Breath of the Wild Hero’s Path-style recap of every twist and turn you took. My map would be such a sorry crisscrossed mess. That sort of feature feels outside of From Software’s wheelhouse, but it would be cool to see the spots we were weirdly obsessed with exploring as well as any tucked-away areas we might’ve missed.

While I’m “done” with Elden Ring, there’s no shaking this game from my mind. When it’s time for a New Game+ run, I’ll have a huge mental checklist of new things to try.

I had more than a few platforming mishaps, but I think I could scale this tree.

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