Eigo wo Taberu Fushigi na Ikimono Marsh trailer: Does it hate angry words?

As you can see from the above trailer, Japan is once again set to be on the receiving end of a Nintendo DS title concocted of equal parts puppy dog noses, four-year-old girls and sunshine.

Eigo wo Taberu Fushigi na Ikimono Marsh — a game that my inability to understand Japanese tells me is the Stay-Puft rebuttal to Nintendogs — is the story of Maya, a coquettish twentysomething who finds her apartment newly inhabited by the eponymous Marsh, a fluffy creature that eats English words, apparently. Presumably that mechanic is designed to give the Japanese a better grasp of our language, but when there’s is the only country blessed with the sort of games that make baby ducks piss themselves in glee, our culture must seem terribly macabre by comparison.

Earnest Cavalli
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