Eight Wii games, new IP coming from EA Sports

Straight from the horse’s mouth today comes some exciting news for Wii-owning sports fans, as well as sports gamers in general. Next Generation brings us tidings from Peter Moore’s official blog, itsinthegame.ea.com, of future announcements for EA’s sports games. We’ve already heard of FaceBreaker, an arcade boxing title that’s in development for the PS3, 360, and Wii, but Moore is titillating us all with statements like this:

I can tell you we now have EIGHT titles in development for the Wii, testament both to the global impact of that console currently in the global marketplace, as well as to our desire to attract more consumers to experience EA SPORTS games, no matter their experience playing games nor their prowess with a traditional controller.

As to the rampant speculation about EA’s yet-to-be-announced new IP, Moore could only say that EA was “still a couple of months away from any official new game announcements.” Personally, I’m wishing for another arcade sports franchise, something along the lines of NBA Jam or MLB SlugFest, as opposed to a sports sim. Also, I really hope that those Wii titles aren’t just mini-game compilations — the Wii doesn’t need any more of those. What kinds of stuff would you all like to see from EA Sports?

[via Peter Moore’s blog by way of Next Generation]

Samit Sarkar