EIEIO 2008: Stronghold Crusaders Extreme is seriously ‘xtreme’

Honestly, I’m not very familiar with Firefly Studios’ PC real-time strategy title Stronghold: Crusaders. So when I was being given a demo of the upcoming Stronghold: Crusaders Extreme, I had absolutely no frame of reference. So rather than pretend to know what I’m talking about based on a ten minute presentation (and I have never done that … no, really!), I’m just going to go ahead and post some screenshots and the fact sheet for the game.

But I will say this — of the 11 games I had a chance to see at EIEIO 2008, Extreme was the only game that was based on an existing IP. If anything, you have it to give it up to Gamecock Media group for taking chances with small development houses and new properties. That’s what you guys have been crying for, right? 

Are there any Stronghold fans looking forward to this one?

Nick Chester