Eidos trademarks Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Despite being known only for being a bad game and getting a GameSpot editor fired when he dared to say so, Kane & Lynch is getting a sequel. According to a new trademark from Eidos/Square Enix Europe, the next title in the series will be known henceforth as Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Although the original game was, by all accounts, a piece of crap, the premise was cool and the characters pretty interesting. If Eidos can get some competent developers on the case for this second outing, who knows? Perhaps Kane & Lynch can find redemption among the masses yet.

We’ll have to wait for Dog Days to appear as more than a mere trademark filing before we can tell if it’ll be just another trainwreck, but I hope it does well. The characters were unique enough to deserve to be in a good game.

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