Eidos’ Batman: Arkham Asylum revealed (Update)

Who needs a videogame based on a movie? Game Informer has just revealed that its next issue will blow the lid off the previously unannounced Eidos-published title, Batman: Arkham Asylum

Developed by Rocksteady Studios (whose only known title is the 2006 PlayStation 2 and Xbox game, Urban Chaos: Riot Response), Arkham Asylum is a entirely original title that will explore the halls of Gotham’s infamous nut-house for the criminally insane. The story involves a routine prison transfer going awry, and has the Caped Crusader going head-to-head with his nastiest foes. 

The game is said to have a dark, gritty feel similar to 2K Boston’s BioShock, and is being penned by Paul Dini, whose previous work includes Batman: The Animated Series. No specific platforms have yet to be mentioned. More information can be found in the upcoming issue of Game Informer, which has yet to hit newsstands, but will likely be scanned and posted in its entirety on NeoGAF two weeks before it even goes to print.

Based on the artwork alone, we’re excited, but that could just be Dark Knight-fever kicking in. So, who’s got high hopes for this one?

[Update: Rocksteady Studios has some sort of Batman-related counter up on their official Web site. It’s a big number, and it’s counting down relatively fast — anyone care to do some math? — Thanks, Action-Bastard!]

Nick Chester