Effectively use 20 minutes of your weekend with Starcraft II

I won’t lie here I’m only two minutes into this 20 minutes of StarCraft II footage you can see below and while I am surely impressed I don’t know if I’ll make it all 20. That isn’t to say that the video isn’t exciting and that seeing the Terrans duke it out with the Zergs yet again isn’t awesome, it’s just that 20 minutes of other people playing a game without me being able to yell my “advice” at them is horrible. As such I’m just going to make up a few hot spots to check out by randomly clicking on the trailer. Let’s see…

1:21 – Rocks!

6:34 – What a great move!

12:00 – High tech untis are a plus

18:14 – “More faster” is not proper English

Man, those are some awesome highlights, right? Seriously, these vids are actually a pretty cool way to show off the actual gameplay. Despite being long, in a game like StarCraft II seeing how an entire battle unfolds is way better than just random clips of troops moving. 

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