Eff you, pay me: Activision wants Harmonix to pay for guitar patch

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Activision’s Maryanne Lataif lays it on the line about the patch fiasco that has left PlayStation 3 owners unable to use Guitar Hero III peripherals with Harmonix’s Rock Band. Prepare to be surprised — it’s all about the bottom line.

“Unfortunately for Rock Band users,” says Lataif, “Harmonix has been unwilling to discuss an agreement that will allow us to provide that option in a manner than maintains the high standards people have come to expect from Activision.”

Lataif believes that Activision should be compensated for the use of the technology, whereas Harmonix spokeswoman Spencer Saltonstall says that’s not her company’s intentions.

“We are really and truly not looking at this from the financial standpoints. We are looking at this from a consumer standpoint,” Saltonstall told the Boston Globe.

I personally play the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band, which currently does work with 360 Guitar Hero peripherals, but I can sympathise with my PS3 owning brothers and sisters. In this case, Activision may have legal legs to stand on, and are free to pursue this as they see fit. But looking at it from a gamer’s standpoint, it’s hard to see how this shouldn’t make us — as the kids say — “want to choke a b**ch.”

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