Edmund McMillen Fcuks with Time, we write about it

If you’re not familiar with Edmund McMillen’s work, play Gish and Meat Boy. Once you’re finished with those (in, let’s say, a week) you may find Time Fcuk, McMillen’s most recent game, worth your time.

It’s the story of a man whose future self implores him to climb into a cardboard box, whereupon he can travel between two temporal dimensions and has to deal with a sentient boil growing on his back.

You know, the usual.

It’s much more hardware-friendly than McMillen’s other recent games, and, at least at the start, much more entertaining. I had to stop about 4/5 of the way through out of complete confusion and frustration (this post’s header image wasn’t chosen arbitrarily), but it’s worth a look nonetheless.

Anthony Burch