Ed Boon explains MK vs. DC Universe, gigantic Joker render invades our gallery

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Midway has just released a pretty nice video of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe which offers a nice demonstrative recap of some of the elements we saw at this year’s E3. Narrated by series creator Ed Boon, it’s promotional videos like these that make me wonder why we even bother to write our own previews, if publishers are just going to do it for us.

The video shows off just about everything we touched on in our hands-on preview from E3. You see some of the announced playable characters in action, including Superman, Batman, The Flash, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Sonya Blade. Boom talks about the game’s new close-combat fighting, and the ability to interact with the environment. What you don’t see are Superman and Scorpion’s finishing moves; you’ll have to read our preview to get the scoop on that.

What you also don’t see in action is the just-announced playable character, The Joker. Midway has passed along a pretty large and impressive render of the villain, who is currently receiving quite a bit of attention thanks to The Dark Knight film, which has made a few bucks at the box office from what we understand. 

Midway looks to be scratching two nerdy fanboy itches with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and there’s no doubt this game is going to be a blockbuster this fall. There’s a huge opportunity for Midway to bungle this, and we know a lot of gamers were hesitant to get their hopes up; but from what we’ve seen and played so far, it’s shaping up nicely. Has anyone had their minds changed, one way or the other?

[Update: A few of you were whining about “shared moves” in this demonstration of an unfinished title. We went directly to Ed Boon to get the scoop, and here’s what he told us: 

“It’s absolutely not done yet,” he says, “and either Batman or Scorpion will end up with a different move. We haven’t decided which yet, but the final version of the game will not have them sharing that move.”

So there you have it, folks. Keep in mind that the team is still building the title, and the game is likely to see more than a few tweaks and improvements before its fall release.]

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