eBay endorses $200 scalped gold Mario amiibo pre-order

Haha, what

[Update: Seconds after posting, someone bought it. What are the cool kids saying these days? “Shaking my head”?]

After starting my morning off with a cup of iced tea, I noticed a nonchalant tweet by eBay in regards to the gold Mario amiibo: “This gold #Mario #amiibo sold out in minutes, but is available on eBay right now!”

Thinking it would be an officially endorsed listing, as Lucario was before it, I clicked. It turns out eBay is directly advertising $199 “pre-orders” (only $34 a month for six months, financing available!). This is no longer a drill.

To think that some parents won’t realize that the figure is actually $12.99, with an unconfirmed rarity level (select people think it will be widely available at launch) is just sad.

eBay [Twitter]

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