EB/Gamestop boost trade-in value on 360s; at least now they’re using lube …

With the announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite, rumors of a special incentive-laden trade-in plan for the owners of older 360 models sprung up almost immediately. Of course, Microsoft and the EB/Gamestop conglomerate denied any such rumors, leading people to cease speculation as to if it would happen, and to instead wonder when it would happen. As the old adage states: Nothing says yes like saying no.

Apparently it just happened! EB/Gamestop is now offering $250 for Xbox 360 Premium systems (up from $190 last week), as well as $200 for the Core system and $50 for an original Xbox. For those actually thinking this is a generous move, you have to remember that they sell these systems back to people very similar to you for roughly 10% off of the original price, and then all of that profit goes directly to building a machine to launch puppies into the ocean. Yeah, it’s unexpectedly and ridiculously cruel, but it makes the shareholders laugh.

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