Eat some new God of War III screens: Eat them!

God of War III may still be a distant figure on the horizon, but the hype is gathering pace as we hurtle ever closer towards its “bugger-knows-when” release date. This morning, we’ve got a batch of fresh screens for you to look at, so make sure you hit up our gallery and check them out. Do it now, for crying out loud!

I think you’ll agree that the game is looking very sweet indeed. It’s certainly appearing like the game won’t be making any huge innovations to the series, but who really cares? The God of War games have always been excellent, and if we’re just going to get more of the same in Hi-Def, you can sign me right up. 

Whenever it decides to come out, it’s going to be hot. Just prepare yourself for the next stage of the PS3/Xbox fanboy wars when it does finally arrive.

Jim Sterling