Easter Egg: take flight in Google Earth’s flight sim

While not as cool as the BioShock easter egg we told you about earlier, the flight simulator hidden in Google Earth is unexpected and kind of fun.

TechCrunch tells us about the flight sim stashed away in Google’s world map software, which takes advantage of the tons of satelite imagery Google Earth uses. I wonder what Microsoft thinks about this.

You want to know how to fire it up? If you don’t have Google Earth installed, do so, and then hit Ctrl+Alt+A (Command+Option+A for you Mac people) after launching the software. A menu screen will pop up, letting you select between the “Viper” F16 or a SR22 prop job.

The controls are listed on this page, but don’t go in thinking this is some silly Flash game, or you’ll spin out of control (see picture). 

Nice job, Google! What else are you working on?

[Thanks, AB] 

Dale North