EA’s Riccitiello says Boom Blox to hit other consoles, calls Wii Remote a ‘wand’

If you’ve not already picked up a copy of Electronic Arts’ Wii title Bloom Blox, shame on you. We think it’s worth your time and money! But what if you don’t own a Wii? In a conversation with MTV’s Stephen Totilo, Electronic Arts president John Riccitiello hinted that we may see the title on other platforms in the future.

“We haven’t made announcements on that front,” he told Totilo, before speculating that he expects to see the game on other platforms “in time.” He’s know, I guess — he is the president of the company. 

Riccitiello also managed to make gamers worldwide cringe by referring to the Wii Remote as a “wand.” He said that Bloom Blox‘s original design was tied up in the unique motion control scheme, but that there are “other ways to implement that.” Perhaps he’s referring to translating similar motions to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 “paddles.”

Nick Chester