EA’s Peter Moore steps away from the Metacritic to breathe

Where do you go for review scores on your latest games? Destructoid? I hope so. But Metacritic is also a handy tool. They incorporate the scores from several of the major gaming sites into a handy page you can use to determine if a game is worth your time and cash. You can also read user’s submitted reviews. Thought you wanted PS3 RPG Cross Edge? Maybe not.

EA’s Peter Moore is shielding his eyes from Metacritic scores, especially when it comes to Wii games. He says that Wii titles sell independently of their Metacritic scores

“The thing is with the Wii, it seems to be for the gaming sites, it’s the last platform they review,” said Moore. “It takes a time to get an actual review score. I would pretty much guarantee that just about every Wii game ships without a Metacritic rating because [reviewers] haven’t got around, to it or they’re not interested in reviewing it.”

Moore likes the user reviews…more. He says that while he still wants good scores, they’re less important to the Wii than they would be with the other systems.

“I absolutely guarantee you, the thing we’re watching most closely now [with Wii titles] is things like Amazon – and I’ll go look at women’s magazines that have powerful websites, and then we look at what we call ‘mommy bloggers’,” he says.

[via Gamasutra]

Dale North