Earthworm Jim HD built from the ground up, has new stuff

I was a little disappointed when I heard that the new Earthworm Jim would be a mere remake, but the folks at Gameloft have spilled a few beans and made the premise sound just a little bit more tempting. First of all is the news that this enhanced version of the game is being reworked from scratch, improved and bolstered with extra features.

Obviously, the graphics are getting souped up, looking and moving better than the Genesis game upon which it is based. Earthworm Jim HD will also feature difficulty levels for the first time. Leaderboards have been added which track defeated enemies, completion time and more. Furthermore, the game will include the “Big Bruty” level that was included with the Sega CD and PC special edition of the original title. 

Gameloft added that some “surprises” were in store for the remake, but those are being held close to the chest right now. As it stands, it seems that this will be more than a mere slapdash remake, which is nice. That said, I really want a brand new Earthworm Jim. Somebody make it happen.

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