Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, that upcoming ‘serious’ EDF spinoff, is dated for the west

April 11

I’m morbidly curious to see what Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is all about.

People have been mixed on it since the revelation that it was being handled by (WWE 2K developer, among many other projects in the past) the studio Yuke’s, on top of the idea that it’s less campy and more “serious” in tone. It’s a risky move to shake up a proven formula, but it might be what EDF needs to finally push its popularity over the top: we’ll see come April.

Yep, April! D3 Publisher has just revealed that Iron Rain is west-bound on April 11 for PS4. It’ll sport character customization and more gear options on top of the aforementioned alterations, and will arrive in standard ($60) and Ultimate ($90) forms.

They aren’t chucking all of the craziness out of the window though, as D3 also showcased the ability to ride a giant ant and grapple around on the E-Needle wire: a dual purpose tool. It absolutely still looks wacky. Split-screen and eight-player online multiplayer are also confirmed.

I’m in.

Chris Carter
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