Early Street Fighter V concept art looked like Tekken

More photo-realistic style

While Tekken x Street Fighter maintains radio silence (Street Fighter X Tekken is turning 4 years old this week and Street Fighter‘s Akuma has skipped Street Fighter V in favor of showing up in Tekken 7), it looks like we almost had a 3D Street Fighter in Tekken‘s more photo-realistic style.

Event Hubs has this early Street Fighter V concept work, which is a mix of some banging concept costuming (whomever drew those Chun-Lis, I love you) and a look at the photo-realistic art style that Street Fighter V could have had before evolving Street Fighter IV‘s paint-splashed, muscular style. Plus that box art that, as usual, easily beats out what eventually went to retail.

Me, I’d like to see another 2D Street Fighter, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

What Street Fighter 5 almost looked like; concept art and hyper realistic images from early in the game’s development [Event Hubs]

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