Early on, the Bakers had a dog in Resident Evil 7

‘I wish we could have kept that’

There could’ve been a Baker family pooch in Resident Evil 7! That’s my main takeaway from this first making-of video from Capcom, but it’s far from the only production insight featured. Part of me is sad that idea didn’t make the cut, but I’m also thankful I didn’t have to deal with a dog getting all up in my face at the dinner table. That scene was intense enough for me as is, thank you very much.

“[Executive producer Jun Takeuchi’s] concept was bringing horror back to the forefront, and he told me that the motif was Evil Dead,” recounts game director Koshi Nakanishi, who previously helmed Resident Evil: Revelations. “If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll know it has a very intimate atmosphere set in one location, a remote cabin, and there’s only six or so characters for the whole thing. The idea was to make a horror Resident Evil game as ‘compact but deep’ as that.”

At about seven minutes in, there’s a glimpse of the development team’s early “pitch movie” for Resident Evil 7, which went over well. (Be sure to catch the amusing footage of it startling a room full of Capcom employees.) It helped give “confidence in our direction,” according to producer Masachika Kawata.

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