Early Lost Odyssey DLC? Fire up those Japanese accounts

As you know, we’re just the tiniest bit in love with Mistwalker’s epic RPG Lost Odyssey, and if you’re anything like us, you might be interested in picking up the Masters Secret Script (originally a pre-order bonus) that is being made available as DLC, along with Weapon Guard II. If you want them right now, however, you’re going to have to put a Japanese Xbox Live account to use.

Also available for 200 points is some DLC which includes the Killer Machine Ring, a super powerful new equippable ring that is supposed to make the game quite a cakewalk. Currently the Killer Machine ring is unavailable outside of Japan, but the good news is that the DLC will work with other versions of the game, you just need the right gamertag to get it. 

I love me some Lost Odyssey, but that’s way too much effort for this lazy blogger, and I don’t know if I’d trade 200 points for a few items unless they were dramatically interesting. Still, if you’re even more obsessed with the game than we are, you might be wanting to try it out.

Jim Sterling