EA wishes us happy holidays with ten new Skate 2 screens

With Skate 2‘s release right around the corner, Electronic Arts is making sure we don’t forget by wishing us a happy holiday with some new Skate 2 screenshots.

Actually, what EA PR are calling it is a “screens blowout.” Now, when I read the word “blowout,” I have certain expectations. So when I opened the digital package to only find ten screens, I was a bit disappointed.

EA, when it comes to “blowouts,” you might want to have a chat with Majesco, who sent us — I kid you not — 114 screenshots of Zoo Hospital when the game was announced. It was absolutely frightening; that’s how you do a screenshot blowout. 

Since Skate 2 looks good, we’ll let you off the hook. Just don’t tease us like this again.

Nick Chester