EA vs Dtoid match in Bad Company 2 is now live! (Update)

[Update 2: The winner of this giveaway is Dirasyaj X! Congrats!]

[Update: We won! Destructoid defeated the EA Origin team. Look for a code giveaway in the coming months!]

Today’s the day! Destructoid staff and community members will be competing against Electronic Arts in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the PC. On the line are 20 copies of Battlefield 3 on Origin to be given away on Destructoid to you dear readers!

The match will be broadcasted live today at 3PM and we’ll embed the the stream here later today. You should definitely watch as you can witness us kicking the Origin team’s asses. That, and you can win more copies of Battlefield 3 as the EA Origin team will be giving out codes on the livestream.

We’re also going to give away our last code for Battlefield 3 right here on this post! Just leave a comment and we’ll pick a random person to give the code to after midnight tonight.

Hamza Aziz