EA to the Internets: ‘What’s a Wikipedia?’

While it’s debatable that Electronic Arts is, in fact, De Debilz, there’s no denying that the locust-esque company swallower is, like most corporations, a big fat pile of PR and sleaze. The news should have come as no shocker then, when it was discovered that EA was editing Wikipedia like a dirty cheat, removing traces of EA founder Trip Hawkins and whitewashing over some of the more scandalous and vile moments of the company’s history.

I’m surprised though that EA thought it would get away with this, considering the amount of anal, obsessive Wikipedia editors out there who jump on everything with sweaty trotters, screaming things like “OMG NON-NOTEWORTHY DELETE DIS SPAM” or “CITATION NEEDED OR WE WILL ALL DIE!”

Since the jig is up, EA has today responded to Wikigate with what could only be described as the perfect corporate reply: “EA sometimes updates websites with info about the company, games and employees. For example, EA has sent a correction to Yahoo Finance when they had misspelled the name of an EA executive. Many companies routinely post updates on websites like Wikipedia to ensure accuracy of their own corporate information.” 

You don’t even need further commentary from me on that one. 

[Thanking TheGoldenDonut]

James Stephanie Sterling