EA titles fail at reviews, EA boss unhappy

Rik Mayall lookalike and CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello has expressed his concerns over EA’s flagging review scores. While many gamers might not take scores seriously, EA keeps tabs on them, and it’s noted a near 5% drop in the numbers from last year.

Riccitiello finds the drop from a 75% average to a 72% average most unsatisfactory and has promised to do something about it.

“There is nothing acceptable about that,” stated the EA chief, possibly while strapping a hunting knife to his leg and punching the air with rage. “Our core game titles are accurately measured and summarized by these assessments, and that is a very big deal … we need to recover here.”

Once again, Riccitiello proves he understands EA’s problems and shows a willingness to work toward restoring faith in the publisher. However, it still remains to be seen just how well he is going to be able to rebuild the company’s image. The best way to do this — and to improve those falling scores in one fell swoop — is to simply see that quality titles get released. With the likes of Army of Two and Dead Space on the way, we’ll see just how likely it is to witness a turnaround for Electronic Arts. 

Of course, since EA is pure evil incarnate, EA’s plans for recovery may just involve stepping on the backs of reviewers’ necks and shooting them in the head. EA’s like that, you know.

Jim Sterling