EA thinking Spore as a platform

We all know that Spore is a special game, regardless of how it is being received by the media and gamers alike. The little bits and pieces of technology that have been injected into the title that compose its real-time strategy or life simulation portions are distinct and have obviously taken a ton of time to create. Because of Spore’s inherent uniqueness and its pliability as a game, Electronic Arts’ President, Frank Gibeau, has been thinking that Spore could be licensed out as a platform that other developers can use to build their own games.

He mentioned his desire to possibly farm out Spore in an interview with Kotaku’s Brian Crescente. Gibeau was obviously excited about the game and the possibility of tossing it out for other developers:

What’s so beautiful about Spore is that it’s extremely malleable. You could add RPG or action, you could take it to different platforms, like (Web-page) flash games, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii…It travels well to other platforms.

I can’t imagine anything more interesting that could be done with Spore. Having other developers taking apart its Civilization portion, or even evolution engine, could lead to excessively unique takes that supersede the initial experience of Spore. Perhaps 3DRealms could license out the platform and create an illustrative history of the Duke Nukem Forever development process. The possibilities are endless.

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